Admission fee and payment


30 students will be enrolled including young scholars, PhD and graduate students from and not limited to China and European countries. Ideally, the composition of selected students will be 15 from European institutions and 15 from Chinese institutions.

To apply:

All participants are required to send an abstract (about 500 words) of their research projects and a short bio (200 words) before 30.04.2018 to chinamediaobservatory [at] gmail [dot] com. The confirmation will be sent by 15.05.2018, and the full draft of research projects should be sent before 30.06.2018.

Admission fee and payment:

900 euros per student including accommodation for 10 nights nearby the Campus, one farewell dinner and the city visiting tour. 450 euros per student for those who do not require accommodation.

3 ECTS will be granted to those students who participated the whole program. A scholarship award of 200 euros will be given to the two best student participants, and they will get the chance to be recommended to the ECREA Summer School 2019 as well as the Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships Programme.